Skylab Media
My commission for Skylab Media, a high-end digital agency, was to create a new brand identity to show a new side to their work.
The concept had to sum up Skylab’s offer to clients simply and elegantly. I designed the letter ‘S’ as wire connections, a minimal concept which helped create a practical and flexible logo across print and digital, without losing any of the agency’s personality.
Seçim Aktüel | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Gold Award
As a designer at Doğuş Media Group Art Department, I was asked to design a logo for the upcoming TV programme "Seçim Aktüel" about the Election in Turkey. The brief was that the logo should represent the election, and be easily animated.
Infographics and solid colors formed the opening titles,  and on the packshot we brought the same graphics within the logo.
3D graphics and blue/red colors are preeminent on TV, especially for election programs. These eye catching, colorful and fun graphics effectively grabbed the audience’s attention.
Paha Biçilemez İstanbul (Priceless İstanbul) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
As a designer at Doğuş Media Group Art Department, I designed the logo for a TV show "Paha Biçilemez İstanbul" (Priceless İstanbul). In this program, historian and professional travel guide Saffet Emre Tonguç guides us around the must-see places in Istanbul. We needed an aesthetic logo on packshot of the opening title which was also legible as a corner logo near the lower third.
The character of a city is shaped by the stories and the personalities of the people living in it. The logo had to reflect modern and ancient Istanbul, where continents collide, embracing both European and Middle Eastern cultures. To emphasise the cityʼs Byzantine and Ottoman features I combined serif and script typefaces, exaggerating the curves and mixing uppercase and lowercase letters to depict the cityʼs orientalist and cosmopolitan structure. Seagulls on the Bosphorus animated the opening title and corner logo.
My unique and compelling design structure helped position the logo well on TV.

NTV para (NTV Money) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
NTV broke with the economy channel CNBCe, and rebranded as NTVPara. With fast, trustworthy and rich content, NTVPara is the go-to location for business news, market data and economic analysis. The news portal was looking to redefine its position by having a brand new face and design.
NTVPara broadcasts  six times a day on the NTV Channel. With this in mind I left the original NTV logo unchanged, only altering the colour of the ball from blue to yellow, and the text from orange to white. The concept for the new logo incorporates ascending and descending triangles, indicating financial statistics. My chosen typeface allowed me to continue this concept throughout, using these triangles within letter “a” in “para”. Yellow distinguished the logo from the red and green triangles, commonly used in economic graphics to indicate statistics about money.
The clear visual identity provided a direct and eloquent message to the audience. The triangles on the logo were very well received and they played as the main graphics in the title animations.
Stan Sport Channel
Energy and movement were symbolised by adding the dimension and angles to the box, for this logo for a sports channel.
ONBEŞ.YIL (Radio Eksen 15th Years Anniversary logo)
Onbeş means fifteen - In order to freshen up the original Radio Eksen logo I added the word fifteen to the original logo with the letter “e” in yellow box of 96.2 eksen 
Klip Star Logo
In creating this logo for a TV programme about music videos I took inspiration from movie clappers and stacks of film, 
Trout Life Studio, On-Demand Art Studio | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
Trout Life Studio is a company specializing in Online Print-on-Demand services. The clientʼs brief challenged me to design a modern corporate identity to support their services in the digital marketplace.
I designed a simple, modern and eye-catching logo to stand out in the marketplace and function as a profile as well. I incorporated the client’s name, "Trout Life Studio", directly into the typographical artwork, interweaving an abstract trout shape with a simple wave to the letters.
With the logo doubling up as the brand name in a bold minimalistic style, the design has functioned well  as a social media profile picture.
Botalife Organic Healthcare Products
Design and concept for a new logo for organic healthcare products.
FAR - Furnished Apartment Rentals
Design and concept for a new logo for a company providing serviced apartment rentals. I played around with the typography to create a pleasing yet smart design.
I designed a new logo for the Cathay construction company. I manipulated the typography to create a logotype. In this case, the letter “a” was under construction, referencing the client’s purpose.
Buğdayın Yolculuğu (Journey of the wheat) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Merit Award 
Ntv Uçak ( Ntv Plane)
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day Logo for Autism Platform
Network Global Logistics
In this case I emphasised the letter ‘W’ to symbolise “World”, used the negative space between the lines to show a road, and chopped the top off the letter ‘w’ to showcase the dark and light yellow of containers.
Onion Grill Restaurant
This logo design for a steakhouse included an onion on fire, referencing both the client’s name and the ‘grill’ element of their offer.

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