We were commissioned to create a brand and identity for a high-end digital agency that was creating a new side to their brand. As BONB we needed a big idea that really summed up our clients offering to their clients that they could really run with. We came up with the idea of wire connections by shaping the letter ’S’. Our minimal design approach helped to create a practical and flexible logo across both print and digital mediums without losing any of their personality.  
Seçim Aktüel | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Gold Award
Paha Biçilemez İstanbul (Priceless İstanbul) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
NTV para (NTV Money) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
Stan Sport Channel
Radio Eksen 15th Years Anniversary 
Klip Star Music Video Program
Trout Life Studio, On-Demand Art Studio | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Silver Award 
Botalife Organic Healthcare Products
FAR - Furnished Apartment Rentals
Cathay Construction
Buğdayın Yolculuğu (Journey of the wheat) | Graphis Logo Design 9 - Merit Award 
Ntv Uçak ( Ntv Plane)
April 2 World Autism Awareness Day Logo for Autism Platform
Network Global Logistics
Onion Grill Restaurant


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